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you took my part.
you took my heart.
Moths and Butterflies Part 12 [Final] 
1st-Jul-2009 11:22 pm
Moths and Butterflies, JaeSu, YooSu, JaeChun, JaeSuChun.

Genre: Romance, Angst, Lemon

Overall Rating: R

best friends. that's it; jaejoong is not in love or any of that sappy shit. he'll fuck just about anyone and get a blowjob from any random stranger, relationships be damned. he's not fucking the same guy twice or kissing them, there's no such thing as making love in his dictionary---The Butterfly.

best friends. that's it; junsu does not believe in people. they use him, fuck him and then leave him. jaejoong protecting him or not wanting him to be in a relationship has nothing to with love, okay? he hardly takes a chance on life and when he does, he ends up hurting and a litle more cynical--The Moth

what happens when a random guy that junsu has a one-night-stand with, starts falling in love with him? why does jaejoong care a little too much now? and who does junsu really love?

the story of two men, who learn almost too late in their lives, about a little something called love.

A/N: So...this is it. :3, Shoutouts go to Em, Belle, Kay, Cori, Lineand Angel. And everyone else who enjoyed reading this piece. i ♥ you all. :), 2, 874 words is this final part! XD

How is it possible to look at a sweet, sweet face that was all yours for two months and just say goodbye? Does it even have to be goodbye?
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