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you took my part.
you took my heart.
Dawn in the Valley 
17th-Jun-2009 09:20 pm
Dawn in the Valley

→ Jaesu, PG
→ Angst, Romance, Oneshot
→ 3,086 w. O_O

Junsu is scared of the Monsters, thinks his voice is ugly and ends up jumping. Jaejoong ends up saving him.

A/N: For in_vazn, prompt table #05, 07. Poppy-Imagination, Oblivion, Eternal Sleep.

This has no graphic scenes and contains only minor swearing. :)), typos are most likely to be there, feel free to poiiint them out! ^_^

for boojaesubabe because mari made me love JaeSu first. :3

"Aren't you going to ask me my name?"

"The minute you tell me your name, I'm involved whether you like it or not," Jaejoong took another deep drag, watching the boy from the corner of his eyes.

mmm, so. i'm really happy with this fic; one of the few that i actually am fond of. got a strong mental image of jaejoong throwing stones at junsu's window. that's what really set this fic off, haha. plus, it is 3000+ words which makes me happyface even more. 8D

i have never been able to write a fic that maxed 2000 words without getting irritable. this one just made me open google docs and type, type, type for three hours straight. o.o

plus, this is for the flower prompt table at in_vazn that caught my eye. and for Mari because she's awesome and fierce like that. :3, ilu bb.

hope u guys enjoy this one~
(Deleted comment)
19th-Jun-2009 05:07 am (UTC)
heyyy, megan! 8D

gurl, where you been? ^_^
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19th-Jun-2009 05:48 pm (UTC)
goshhh, i'm rather hyper right now. listening to bollywood and trying to make myself awake. 8D, need to start studying. ^_^

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