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you took my part.
you took my heart.
so i'm almost done with my essay, (almost! ;_;) and i decided that i… 
15th-Jun-2009 11:19 am
so i'm almost done with my essay, (almost! ;_;) and i decided that i could do another one of these posts.

give me a prompt. it could be lyrics from a song or just a single word. throw whatever you like at me and i'll try to write a JaeSu/YunJae/JaeHo drabble for you. 8D, oh and specify which pairing you want!

open to first six people who get here. ♥:)

those who've requested: wep_15, xiahwase, cmplctd, omoxiya, yoosu_sarang and howlsgirl.

(Deleted comment)
15th-Jun-2009 04:11 pm (UTC)
this got kinda long and i'm not sure why. :S, anyway what do you mean, i neevr wrote jaesu for you!? here's thea's first JaeSu for maria then. or....well....this is actually SuJae. 8D, i hope this is okay. ;_;

and i can tell he'll be there for life
and i can tell he'll be there for life

eyes on the prize. he's a real catch alright, soft doe eyes and broad shoulders-junsu's eyes are dreamy and unfocused. it's only when the new kid is made to sit next to him does he snap out of it and proceed to engage the boy in lively, nonstop chatter.

the boy says his name is kim jaejun and he used to deliver newspapers. junsu wrinkles his nose and tells him that's a crappy job. jaejun's eyes widen comically, "oh, but it was. i tried to save up for HOT's new album-"

junsu sympathizes instantly and the two teenagers bond over dreamboy kangta. they get their hair cut the same way like their idol does and junsu thinks jaejun looks no matter what he does to that soft, silky hair of his.

one day, jaejun comes bounding up to him and flings an arm around his shoulder, telling him excitedly about how that new female trainee who is simply gorgeous shyly asked him for his number.

"t-that's awesome," junsu says slowly, not finding it awesome at all. "did you give it to her?"

that is when everything in their relationship takes a complete three-sixty.

jaejun turns around to face him, throwing arms around his neck. body presses flush against him and he instinctively puts his arms around the older boy, feeling how uncharacteristically slender jaejun's waist is.

face so close to his own. junsu shivers. those doe eyes are prettier up close. pale skin looks soft and inviting. lips are pink and moist, breathing heavy on his neck.

"i didn't give it to her," jaejun says softly. "because-"

lips press shyly against his. at first, the kiss is chaste and just lips on lips. but soon jaejun's tongue parts the younger boy's lips and junsu is melting, body pliant and willing in the older boy's embrace.

they part. junsu's lips are swollen and he's trying to regain his breath. jaejun smiles sweetly at him.

"knew you were a real catch, junsu-ah," he smirks.

i knew you were worth it.

did you-did you know all this time?

yeah. i was just waiting for the right time myself.

(Deleted comment)
15th-Jun-2009 05:47 pm (UTC)
I'm going to be evil with you...

panties, lipsticks and a pair of pink shoes
JaeSu of course


write some YunJae/JaeHo too~
everyday, a new picture of you
15th-Jun-2009 06:47 pm (UTC)
-huffs-, evil line, here's your JaeSu. /giggles and hides in embarassment

That girl is pretty kinky
The girl's a super freak
I really love to taste her
Every time we meet
That girl's all right with me, yeah

"sit still," junsu whispers, thumb stroking jaejoong's cheek as the older boy wriggles underneath him, trying to get free. as it is, junsu is straddling his lover's waist and jaejoong huffs in indignation. the younger man is carefully applying crimson-red lipstick and his cheeks are flushing with sheer embarassment. "and remember. junko for tonight. not junsu."

once junsu is satisfied, he grabs a small mirror and makes the older man take a peek. "smack your lips, jaejoong-ah," junsu grins, bright smile making the older man reluctantly comply.

"why do i have to wear the lipstick?" jaejoong complains, arms folded and lower lip jutting out. junsu catches it with his teeth and lets go, sharp teethmarks on pink skin.

"because," junsu rolls his hips firmly down, making the older shiver. "you made me wear the panties and girly shoes."

jaejoong cocks his head to the side, surveying the pretty scene in front of him. tight girl's jeans showing off shapely ass, zipper half-done revealing black lace and completed with pink pointy heels.

"oh yes," jaejoong nods his head in approval. he presses his lips gently against the youner man's and proceeds downwards, creating a moist, wet trail marked with red lip imprints. thumb rubs navel and sharp intake of breath, making toned muscles contract. zipper is fully undone and lips get down to business.

"see," junsu gasps, throwing his head, fingers buried in soft, silky hair. "i'm brilliant. now you don't need-ahh, ohh god do that again, hahh-to make hickeys."

"do you let yunho do this to you, junko-chan?" jaejoong growls, lowering jeans to grope his butt and squeeze hard. "or yoochun? or changmin?"

junsu smirks. "you're my all-time favourite, jaejoong-ah," he says, voice husky and low. jaejoong beams happily and goes down on him again.

she likes the boys in the band
she says that I'm her all-time favorite
when I make my move to her room it's the right time
she's never hard to please

15th-Jun-2009 06:31 pm (UTC)
uhm, Jaesu?

(the familliar feel of) apple-flavored lipstick

15th-Jun-2009 08:35 pm (UTC)

red light on. the camera is recording. jaejoong holds it steadily despite his huge alcohol intake and smiles at his lover lolling on the couch. junsu's face is pale, impossibly pale from fatigue and bangs are brushed to the side. his nightshirt hikes up and he doesn't make any effort to pull it down. they're both drinking beer and junsu wraps the tip around his lips, laughing. he's rather tipsy and so is jaejoong.

"tell me something you're proud of," jaejoong slurs.

junsu takes a gulp before slamming the bottle noisily down on the side-table. "i fucked you last night?" he asks the older man, grinning stupidly.

"liar," jaejoong laughs loudly, covering his mouth with a shaking hand. "you were on my lap. i got the tape, okay. the camera doesn't lie, baby."

junsu looks slightly sheepish. "whoops," he says, looking rather bemused. "that means i've only done you-"

"once," jaejoong says immediately. "1-120, junsu-ah. just give it up, you're losing miserably to me."

"120!" junsu pretends to look aghast. "that makes me sound easy."

"you are," jaejoong murmurs, zooming in on junsu's face. "but i don't complain about your insatiable sex appetite."

junsu gets up and the older man switches the camcorder off. jaejoong has already removed his shirt and fingertips run lightly all over smooth, creamy skin.

the younger man whips out something and settles comfortably in between his thighs, signalling with a shake of head to get the camera recording again. jaejoong moans lightly at the feeling of something cool moving over his stomach and focuses it on junsu's face bent over his form. pink tongue darts out licking pouty lips in satisfaction.

junsu is writing something on his stomach with a lipstick. jaejoong waits with bated breath for him to be done. his heart is thumping hard. once he's done, eyes look into the camera, smoky and dark with want.

"nado sarangheyo," jaejoong says softly.

junsu smiles sweetly and bends his head over jaejoong's stomach, licking the lipstick off, making obscene, sucking sounds alternating with soft kisses. he wraps his free hand in junsu's hair, alternating between gentle petting and rough pulling, trying to keep the camera steady.

"keep recording, jaejoong-ah," junsu says huskily.

mmm, apple.

hahhh, what?

the lipstick, jaejoong-ah.

oh. isn't it-ahh-the one you made me wear before?

yes. jaejoong-ah. keep recording. has to be good quality.


i hope you dont mind but this was like sorta-ish connected to line/ xiahwase's drabble above. :3, but this is different, pam. hope you like it. XD
15th-Jun-2009 09:03 pm (UTC)
So what happens when the first person that's ever returned his feelings is a hundred miles away?

8th-Jul-2009 08:49 am (UTC) - Part 1
...perhaps, you forgot about this. ;_;, anyway, i hope you still like it. D:, this got so long i dont think it can be called a drabble. 8]]

There was a time when Jaejoong would have scoffed and laughed at the very idea indeed. Online dating? Who ever heard of such a thing? Seriously, relationships had to be done face-to-face. The feeling of fingers intertwined with your own, lips pressed together gently in a chaste kiss, body hovering over you, under you, next to you-

Nothing could beat physical intimacy.

Well, that flew out of the window when seven years flew like the wind from his twentieth birthday and he grudgingly created a new profile at Lavalife, filling in mundane details and just praying someone his age would respond.


Another two years and Kim Jaejoong, Chief Executive Officer, 29 and 'available', found himself in a committed online relationship with Kim 'Xiah' Junsu, 22 and 'idol', cursing the way his words just had to backfire on him. Jaejoong who believed in physical intimacy, of all people.

He adjusted the webcam so that the light from the bedside lamp lit up his striking features, watching Junsu lick his lips in anticipation. The mike was switched on and Junsu smiled goofily, throwing a pack of cigarettes at the screen. Jaejoong grinned and took the hint, lighting up and taking a deep puff.

"Calm me down," Junsu said huskily, flattening his sidelocks in nervousness. "Two hours left, oh god, I think I'm going to throw up-"

"You're going to be fine, Junsuyah." He said firmly, tenderness making him reach out and stroke the screen absently. "I'll be watching you. Don't forget; the fans are counting on you. And me. Remember? I'm your biggest fan. Do your best for me, okay?"

They talked for another thirty minutes, affection and respect apparent in their voices. Junsu listened to Jaejoong's ranting about his inefficient secretaries and their failure to bring him his vanilla latte without the disgustingly fatty whipped cream, every single day and did his best to keep from laughing.

"I gotta go, baby," He whispered, watching the way Jaejoong bit his lower lip in disappointment. If there was thing, chatting with Jaejoong did, it made him incredibly happy and sad at the same time.

"Bye," Jaejoong said jerkily and switched the camera off along with the mike. If there was one thing, chatting with Junsu did, it made him never want to say goodbye ever.

(Deleted comment)
8th-Jul-2009 09:03 am (UTC)

Lips wrapped around the pink lolly, sucking happily and grinning when Junsu edged closer to him, pout apparent.

"Share!" He whined so Jaejoong acquiesed, pulling the lolly out with 'pop' and letting their lips wrap around the sweet, sucking hard. Tongues rubbed and they smiled against each other's mouths. Jaejoong pulled the younger man closer, hugging him tightly. Junsu wrapped arms around his waist and the lolly was flung on the coffee table in front of the couch they were currently making out on.

"Burn my eyes out, why don't you?" Changmin complained loudly, bonking them both on the head.

They rolled their eyes and Junsu smiled brightly; pulling Jaejoong in again for another open-mouthed kiss. The maknae picked up the lolly and sadfaced.

"Such a waste of a nice lolly," He said sadly. "To be sullied with the mouths of those slobbering idiots."

"Shut up, Changmin," Junsu snapped, hiking Jaejoong's shirt up. The older man looked too dazed to say anything sarcastic whatsover. "Go wash it in the sink and it's all yours."

Changmin brightened up. For once, something Junsu said actually made sense.

16th-Jun-2009 07:41 pm (UTC)
16th-Jun-2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
me again. cross eyed. Jaesu please. secret game.
8th-Jul-2009 01:21 pm (UTC)

"You got one?" Junsu asked him, tongue wrapped around the shell of his outer ear, sucking delicately. Yoochun shuddered and slunk further down, just grateful for the fact that they were the only on the topmost seats.

Fuck this shitty action flick. They could rent it out and Junsu could fuck him again to the sounds of cars exploding and god-knows-what-else.

"Do I look like the type to bring rubbers with me to movies?" Yoochun grumbled, biting his lower lip and just wondering how he'd get through this without staining his jeans.

"Did you finish your popcorn?" Junsu enquired carelessly, fingers wrapped around his cock and stroking him roughly. Shit, he wasn't gonna last more than five minutes.

"Why does it matter whether I finished-oh, god, yes, yesss- my fucking popcorn or not!?"

Junsu knelt down in front of him and glanced at the empty tub. Mm. Just a few kernels left. Pity he didn't bring a napkin though. Yoochun's pockets turned out a rubber, wallet, chewing gum, lube, perfect.

He chewed the fresh minty gum in his mouth for a second, stroking Yoochun through his underwear slowly now. Spitting the wad out into the popcorn tub, Junsu massaged Yoochun's thighs and put the rubber on him gently, slicking his fingers wet with lube.

"What are you taking your goddamn time for, Junsu!" Yoochun hissed, eyes screwed tight, lower lip marred by teethmarks now.

"I like mint," Junsu said thoughtfully, then wrapped his mouth around the tip, suckling gently. Oh god, feels like fire, Yoochun thought hysterically. He was going to cum so fast like a fifteen-year-old who couldn't hold and it was going to be so fucking embarassing-

But Junsu, tenacious as he was, ever committed to making Yoochun cum, breached him open with one finger, fingering him rough and quick. He sucked fervently, enjoying the way Yoochun was squirming in agony. Hm. Better be delicious agony. He was doing his best at the moment. High-quality [HQ] performance and all that shit.

"Pity ýou don't have another one," Junsu sulked, coming up for air once. "I'm not going to fuck you without it, Yoochun, tempting as that sounds-"

He made short work of it, crooking his finger just a little and swiping his tongue against the slit. Yoochun's eyes rolled and Junsu continued to stroke him lazily as he came, mumbling Junsu's name repeatedly. Said HQ-performance desiring guy practically sparked sunshine at him. Or as much sparkle that could be registered by Yoochun's dazed vision in a dark movie theater.

Junsu rolled the rubber off, tying it up neatly and tossing it right in with the remaining popcorn. Yoochun gave him a filthy look.

"What?" Junsu said, trying and succeeding admirably in looking innocent, almost angel-like. "I'll dump it in the trash when we leave. I'll have you know I'm very eco-friendly, Yoochunah."

17th-Jun-2009 10:03 am (UTC)
I've got one for you! hhaha!!

One word-Rain

Pairing-Yunho/Female character.

Cuz, I'd love to see what your fair hand might do!
8th-Jul-2009 02:14 pm (UTC)
Well, here's a little dedication to Fire Among Pearls. It may or may not match up to that wonderful piece but I've tried my best. ;_;

It felt as if a hand was always clamped around his heart, trying to quell the beat and prohibiting him from the right to breathe, to love, to claim her as his own woman.


Oh, how he feared and despaired, watching over her perpetually, desperate and panicked. For his nemesis stood shameless in the middle of the street, strong arm wrapped around her waist and lips pressed to his love's palm. Yunho wanted nothing more at that moment to tell Mei just how much. How long. How in love. There were too many how's and when's and why's and they had all started when a young, frightened girl had boarded the train to see her big brother.

Perhaps they had started even before their first meeting. He refused to acknowledge that. For it made him no better than Jaejoong to even admit that he'd been watching his Mei for a long time, protecting and loving her from afar. Jaejoong knew of his weaknesses, exploited them with a tenacity that made him cling on to Mei even harder, unwittingly making his nemesis desire her even more.

It was during one rainy night that Jung Yunho fell in love with a petite girl who skipped and danced in the puddles outside, singing in a high, clear voice. It was the very same girl he attended all those many piano recitals for. To hear the sound of her sweet voice and the magic she created with her instrument, the way she stopped and broke hearts with the sound she made.

She was soaked wet, shivering just a little but her petite frame made her look resemble a little fairy, flittering from puddle to puddle, unable to decide which one she loved best.

Yunho hid behind the trees and watched Yoochun's sister, biting his lip and wringing his hands nervously, unable to approach her. His clothes were dirty and worn, mud in his nails; she would be terrified by the sight of a little ragamuffin stepping boldly out to proclaim-

He was falling for her.

There was no question about it. He heard the sound of her laughter, free and happy, innocent and childlike and Yunho knew, knew with the entirety of his heart that he was going to love her for the rest of his life.

Perhaps, Lin Mei made Jung Yunho. For she set his heart aflame and gave him a purpose. She breathed life into his cold and empty heart, filled it with love until he worked, worked, worked.

He was going to deserve her.

She would be his one day.

Jaejoong could never have her. He wouldn't let it happen.

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