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original fiction (round robin) - Master Post

Title: undecided
Authors: Thea/purplehaze_33& Angel/angel_9_lives
Theme: Tarot

Cards drawn

Prologue- Six of Pentacles and Queen of Wands

This post will be updated with links to the chapters. Chapters written by me will be posted on lyrical_chaosand x-posted to this journal. Links to Angel's community-moon_reversedwill be posted. We'll link back and forth.

Events that take place in each chapter are heavily based on the meanings of the cards drawn for it.



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Moths and Butterflies Part 12 [Final]

Moths and Butterflies, JaeSu, YooSu, JaeChun, JaeSuChun.

Genre: Romance, Angst, Lemon

Overall Rating: R

best friends. that's it; jaejoong is not in love or any of that sappy shit. he'll fuck just about anyone and get a blowjob from any random stranger, relationships be damned. he's not fucking the same guy twice or kissing them, there's no such thing as making love in his dictionary---The Butterfly.

best friends. that's it; junsu does not believe in people. they use him, fuck him and then leave him. jaejoong protecting him or not wanting him to be in a relationship has nothing to with love, okay? he hardly takes a chance on life and when he does, he ends up hurting and a litle more cynical--The Moth

what happens when a random guy that junsu has a one-night-stand with, starts falling in love with him? why does jaejoong care a little too much now? and who does junsu really love?

the story of two men, who learn almost too late in their lives, about a little something called love.

A/N: So...this is it. :3, Shoutouts go to Em, Belle, Kay, Cori, Lineand Angel. And everyone else who enjoyed reading this piece. i ♥ you all. :), 2, 874 words is this final part! XD

How is it possible to look at a sweet, sweet face that was all yours for two months and just say goodbye? Does it even have to be goodbye?

for itsplashes, JaeSu Picspam! :))

because Belle was whining about no JaeSu or Junsu pictures. ♥! :), so i decided to pull out pictures from my massive JaeSu folder which i don't update that often but hey, i'm sure you'll find some here that you haven't seen before. sjbdckjsbdc i hopeee.

you better be doing some serious right-clicking because i've slaved over this for you. :3

pictures are from different years and this post is massive; bewareeee. ;___;


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Dawn in the Valley

Dawn in the Valley

→ Jaesu, PG
→ Angst, Romance, Oneshot
→ 3,086 w. O_O

Junsu is scared of the Monsters, thinks his voice is ugly and ends up jumping. Jaejoong ends up saving him.

A/N: For in_vazn, prompt table #05, 07. Poppy-Imagination, Oblivion, Eternal Sleep.

This has no graphic scenes and contains only minor swearing. :)), typos are most likely to be there, feel free to poiiint them out! ^_^

for boojaesubabe because mari made me love JaeSu first. :3

"Aren't you going to ask me my name?"

"The minute you tell me your name, I'm involved whether you like it or not," Jaejoong took another deep drag, watching the boy from the corner of his eyes.

mmm, so. i'm really happy with this fic; one of the few that i actually am fond of. got a strong mental image of jaejoong throwing stones at junsu's window. that's what really set this fic off, haha. plus, it is 3000+ words which makes me happyface even more. 8D

i have never been able to write a fic that maxed 2000 words without getting irritable. this one just made me open google docs and type, type, type for three hours straight. o.o

plus, this is for the flower prompt table at in_vazn that caught my eye. and for Mari because she's awesome and fierce like that. :3, ilu bb.

hope u guys enjoy this one~

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so i'm almost done with my essay, (almost! ;_;) and i decided that i could do another one of these posts.

give me a prompt. it could be lyrics from a song or just a single word. throw whatever you like at me and i'll try to write a JaeSu/YunJae/JaeHo drabble for you. 8D, oh and specify which pairing you want!

open to first six people who get here. ♥:)

those who've requested: wep_15, xiahwase, cmplctd, omoxiya, yoosu_sarang and howlsgirl.