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you took my part.
you took my heart.
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31st-May-2009 06:22 pm - lovelight-teaser 2
"are you scared?" asks changmin, running his fingers lightly through her hair, bending down to press moist, little kisses all over her forehead.

"a-a little," she mutters inaudibly. his hair is spiky and cut stylishly short. black leather jacket and immpossibly tight jeans make up the rest of his ensemble. she catches a whiff of his cologne-hugo boss mixed with sweat.

shim changmin is one tough guy to figure out. she cant understand what he's thinking. why he's making this so fucking hard for her.

"where is yunho?" she asks him firmly, pushing his hands away.

eyebrows raise. his indifferent expression has become controlled calm.

"the hell would i know, queenka?" changmin says lightly. "look boa, yunho does things and goes places even i, his boy dont know shit about. you should just worry about keeping your perfect image, okay? do you know what happens if the office actually checks their school surveillance tapes this week?"

panic. it starts somewhere in her chest and ends up being bile in her throat that she has to fight to keep down. knees start shaking. his face softens. hands rub boa's back in soothing circles.

"breathe, you fool," changmin breathes on her lips. "dont worry; i bribed the cop monitoring the cameras. there's nothing except yunho and you coming out of that fucking closet. nothing else. at the worst, if that shit got to the main office, you'd only be suspended. see, you're still cool, okay? still queenka, baby."

"why'd you do that?" boa asks him slowly, calmed down by now. "yunho doesnt give shit about getting suspended."

mouth twists. "yeah," changmin says thoughtfully. "but i know you do."
28th-May-2009 10:37 pm - 8DDD

wibbling. no cut because you need to see and wibble too. *______*, ♥
13th-May-2009 07:09 pm - well. XD
go check my profile.

i have tried in vain to resist. but yesung just wins in the end, huh.

crying, i cant find ANY yesung layouts. T_T


13th-May-2009 01:25 am - Pimpage! ^_^

dbsk_gen dbsk_gen dbsk_gen dbsk_gen

this is a community solely for those of you who want to read and write more of friendship/general fic. ♥:)

if you join up there, tell me if you need an author's tag. please comment on the rules-post. ;D

:3, thea
27th-Apr-2009 08:21 pm(no subject)
tomorrow is battle. >.<

done reviewing, going through exam papers, re-reviewing at the speed of light, this exam should. be. fine.

my cheeks are flushed and wow-am i nervous. this exam-i have to do good on it! ^^
19th-Apr-2009 02:38 pm - Moths and Butterflies-Chrysalis

Moths and Butterflies, JaeSu, YooSu, JaeChun, JaeSuChun.

Genre: Romance, Angst, Lemon

Overall Rating: R

best friends. that's it; jaejoong is not in love or any of that sappy shit. he'll fuck just about anyone and get a blowjob from any random stranger, relationships be damned. he's not fucking the same guy twice or kissing them, there's no such thing as making love in his dictionary---The Butterfly.

best friends. that's it; junsu does not believe in people. they use him, fuck him and then leave him. jaejoong protecting him or not wanting him to be in a relationship has nothing to with love, okay? he hardly takes a chance on life and when he does, he ends up hurting and a litle more cynical--The Moth

what happens when a random guy that junsu has a one-night-stand with, starts falling in love with him? why does jaejoong care a little too much now? and who does junsu really love?

the story of two men, who learn almost too late in their lives, about a little something called love.

A/N: I know its been ages. But the story is so close to ending. so pleasepleaseplease leave a comment if you're still following this? ;__: really-thank you for your patience! :) 

dedication/ request: for sumi/darknessgryphonas always♥~
poster by katie/bangable. :3

Part o1. || Part o2. || Part o3. || Part o4. || Part o5. || Part o6. || Extra Verse o1. || Part o7. || Part o8. || Extra Verse o2. || and we were falling, falling, falling- || distorted fantasies of mine- || and i want to spread my wings- ||now i look at things with a different perspective-||a stomach full of lies is what you fed me with- || Part 09 ||when we were young- || Part 10 ||Part 11

There were moths and butterflies emerging out of their cocoon-beautiful, stretching out their wings, taking flight and escaping their chrysalis.Collapse )
28th-Mar-2009 01:33 pm - getting lazy-
ughhh, i hate x-posting.

-feels lazy-
26th-Mar-2009 01:14 am - i'm onto you
(i'm so happy right now, i could cry.

i'm smiling, smiling, smiling-

you just stand there and look pretty but

i'm on to you.

i know your secret.

its your silly, little smile, words unspoken but-)

take a chance, yunho had told him once. it sounded whimsical and strange, full of half-riddles. jaejoong wondered when his best friend started sounding like him. he wanted to know what it would feel like to free-fall, small veiny hands interlaced with his own. no landing, no runway, just flying. 

he sits out, late at night, working on the lyrics for a new song. the ending wont come and he stabs at the sheet with his pencil, doodling absent-mindedly. he falls asleep, slouching in the armchair on the balcony, chilled to the bone. 

when he gets up, the crumpled sheet of paper is lying under a paperweight on the floor to prevent the wind from stealing his words. a white blanket covers him securely. the smell of freshly-brewed coffee makes him smile. 

when he peers to see his lyrics, its completed. the last two lines are untidily filled in.

(crinkled eyes say it all.

i'm onto you.)
junsu pours steaming black coffee into five mugs. two sugar cubes with milk, plain, plain, one sugar cube with milk, plain. it never changes.

jaejoong reaches out timidly and covers the younger man's hand. take a chance, yunho said.

junsu smiles softly, palming his cheek and leaning in to nuzzle his nose. 

i'm onto you, he whispers, like its a secret. its not because the blush on jaejoong's cheeks gives it all away. they pull apart, sip their coffee and shoot each other surreptitious looks the whole day. 

i'm onto you.
9th-Mar-2009 10:16 pm(no subject)
i'm not going to lie and pretend like i dont give a shit.

he's coming in june/july. was trying my best not to count down the days but i am. aghh. -.-


yaoi is again starting to make me chafe for something different.

anyone got good recs from soompi? what are you guys currently reading there? i wanna read some het too. *__*

i do have a jaeyin/suyin/jaeboa bias. and yunho/boa. omg, i havent read yunho/boa in aaages! ;___;

i've read almost everything from kawaki and kamikakushi. :((((

any other osmsauce authors? *_*

this is my lazing week so that's why i'm asking. if anyone's got some good long!fics from soompi to rec, please do share! i need them all for my epic het recommendations list that i'm planning to make anyway. :DDD
20th-Feb-2009 11:20 pm - [ HIATUS ]
Thea asked me to do this for her~

Until further notice, Thea is on hiatus. She wants to concentrate on her exam (and we all know how the muses tend to harass her;)), so she has asked for her journal to be temporarily hijacked, lol. She will not receive any comments or message from lj until she tells me to give it back to her.

Let us all wish her good luck on her exam, and a speedy return, yes? ^_^

And, just in case you guys are worried, or thinking that this was actually done w/o her permission, you can contact me: angel_9_lives.

((I didn't get to ask her if I should do that, but I figured she wouldn't want you guys to worry too much, so...um..yeah:S -THEA: if you see this later, let me know if I should change anything, ok? and I'm making the same post on both journals-))

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